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A.G Custom Home Design & Engineering

2022 -2023 | Rosharon, Texas

Architectural Design & Engineering | Interior Design | Permitting | Construction Management

In 2022, F A Design & Build successfully completed an extraordinary architectural and design project in the heart of Rosharon, Texas. This multifaceted endeavor, exclusive to our company, seamlessly integrated architectural design, engineering, interior design, permitting, and construction management into a single, comprehensive project. Our experienced team at F A Design & Build worked closely with you, ensuring that your unique vision became a reality through meticulous design and engineering, resulting in a space that met your expectations and surpassed them, whether your dream space was a contemporary masterpiece, a timeless classic, or a creative blend of styles. Inside your project, F A Design & Build's interior design experts crafted inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces, customizing every aspect to reflect your distinct personality and style. Moreover, our seasoned experts expertly navigated the complex world of permits and regulations, guaranteeing full compliance with local standards and building codes. The F A Design & Build construction management team took charge, overseeing all project aspects, ensuring efficient progress, adherence to budget, and the highest craftsmanship standards. This project was a testament to our unwavering commitment to bringing your unique vision to life, a journey that redefined spaces in Rosharon, Texas.

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