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What to Know about Custom Built Design and Remodeling in Houston

The list of home renovation projects is growing day by day. The bathrooms and kitchens are showing their age. You haven’t exactly loved the siding you acquired when you purchased the place. What seemed like functional spaces when you purchased this house are now the source of disturbance. You could shift to another house, but you love your existing place, and finding a perfect fit in this competitive Houston housing market is quite tough. Choosing custom built design and remodeling in Houston sounds like the only good solution.

Do you have to look for land and start from scratch to build a custom home? Nowadays, it is common for a Houston homeowner to choose a major remodel instead. When you are reconfiguring your house, you are doing a custom home renovation. Houston homeowners are becoming more creative about how they find their forever home. Custom home renovation is one such innovative solution.

What is Custom Home Remodeling?

A custom home remodel is a full home makeover. In this renovation, the whole house is updated, including the interior and exterior. Particularly, it is like creating a custom home with the existing footprint of your house as the starting point. With this renovation, you will get a house that is almost new instead of having to go through the cost and hassle of building something brand new.

Hiring a design-build company allows you to make choices about design and aesthetics, as well as environmental impact, building materials, and energy efficiency, to address issues with your existing home. Although custom home renovation is not for everybody, it can be a great way to build a house with all the design and building elements you have desired in your present house.

Benefits of Custom Home Remodeling

You are choosing a way to renovate a house that is an ideal fit for your family’s requirements. A custom home renovation may include upgrading the kitchen and bathroom for your needs, adding a first-floor master suite, or including design elements that make the house more functional than before. Moreover, it may include reconfiguring outdoor spaces, adding entertainment space in the basement, or enclosing patios. The aim is to build a house that you will enjoy and use well for your present and future requirements.

A custom home does not need to mean building a brand new house. Custom home building is a significant home renovation that affects nearly 75–95 percent of your current house. By knowing about several paths, such as purchasing a house that requires major remodeling or remodeling your current house, you can see the advantages and difficulties of a custom home renovation. The right custom home remodeling company can help you understand what is necessary, define a budget, create a strategy, and build your dream house.


To learn more about custom-built design and remodeling in Houston, feel free to speak with our design experts at F A Design & Build. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your next remodeling or custom-built design project.

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